Stop cheating on your future with ………your past!

Are you cheating on your future with your past????

You keep playing the past events and reliving the painful memories over and over again and you don’t know why you keep torturing yourself…..right?

As you know, being hounted by feeling guilty about your past mistakes is awful, so why do you keep feeling it? You ask??

Let me tell you why?

I know it is crazy but neuroscience shows that our brains rewards us for feeling guilty!!!!

Despite their differences, pride, shame and guilt all activate similar neural circuits in your brain so this explains why you keep bringing up the guilt and shame from your past as they activate the brains reward centre!

Feeling guilty about the mistakes you have done in the past won’t help you, however, when you replace Guilt with Remorse things will be totally different for you.

You see, remorse is when you feel bad about what you DID, guilt on the other hand is when you feel bad about WHO you are, massive difference….right?

Here are the 3 steps to How to stop feeling guilty?

1-You are not your actions,

you are responsible for your actions but they don’t make you a bad person.

2-Have self-compassion,

Forging yourself makes you behave better, thinking you are a bad person makes you act worse.

3-Ask yourself, what can I learn from the past?

Torturing yourself doesn’t make you a better person, learning does!

Forgive yourself, make peace instead of fighting with your past and most importantly MOVE ON…..

And finally remember you are not a bad person but sometimes you do bad things like every one else….Do you know what that makes you???

A HUMAN !!!!


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