ME, Myself and I

Throughout our lives, some of us if not the majority of us, rely on people in our lives to fill our need to feel loved, worthy and appreciated.

We often don’t know or wasn’t ever taught that all our needs should be filled from deep inside of us not from other people or any external circumstances….

Having people in our lives to love and value us is great but when we rely on others to makes us feel worthy, loved or appreciate that is when we can get very hurt and disappointed when they stop providing us with their love for any reason…

That is why believing that we are enough, worthy and loved from deep within us is important so that we can shield ourselves from getting hurt when others are no longer validating us.

For me, it took so many years and I can dare to say a life time to realise that MY self worth and self esteem came from within me not from others around me….

Most importantly, I know now that The only three that I can truly rely on for my happiness and wellbeing are and always will be…


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