Brilliant New Mindset Executive Coaching

As a Leader or a Top Executive,


Having the answers you have never had, to gain transformational insights int0 what your thinking patterns are.

Discover exactly what your Meta Thinking Style is, unpack what specific traits are holding you back and which of your unique strengths will help propel you forward.

The Meta Dynamics™ thinking profile tool measures 16 dimensions and provides you an exclusive window into your potential.

It will assess your preferences particularly in the everyday context and provides you with an exclusive window into your potential.

By knowing why you do what you do, you can achieve new goals and evolve into the person/leader …… you want to be!


About BNM

BNM takes pride in offering the most intensive and cost-effective executive coaching Australia has to offer.

Spearheaded by BNM founder Mira Riad,

an Accredited Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) Coaching which is the elite level of coaching training and the highest standard currently available from The Coaching Institute (TCI) The largest in Australia and New-Zealand!

We offer an array of comprehensive executive coaching services leveraged by the nation’s top Leaders, CEOs and Top Executives.

We provide only research-proven and the latest NEURO-SCIENCE and Coaching Methodologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Positive Psychology, and Meta Dynamics™ (The leading research-based methodology in the world) to deliver one of the most compelling executive leadership coaching as well as professional and personal growth programs.

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Our Programs


Join highly effective on-line leadership and growth coaching developed to help you become a Legend Leader, Empower Yourself, and Dare To Be More!


Join masterclasses created to help you cultivate a robust psyche and mental processing to achieve true success in business, career, and life.


Join one-on-one sessions designed to empower your thinking with research-proven frameworks, models, and coaching tools.

Meet Your Coach

Hello, I am Mira…and it is wonderful we get to connect!

I am the Founder and Director of Brilliant New Mindset (BNM) Executive Coaching and, if you are here, chances are you, like me, believe that Your Mindset is your biggest asset in life, and that to create a Mission-based, World-Class Culture begins with the Mindset, Vision, and Values of YOU as a leader and not your team!

You would also agree then then Mastering your Mindset and your Leadership are crucial to you as a High-Performing Leader.



Stop cheating on your future with ………your past!

Are you cheating on your future with your past???? You keep playing the past events and reliving the painful memories over and over again and you don’t know why you keep torturing yourself…..right? As you know, being hounted by feeling guilty about your past mistakes is awful, so why do you keep feeling it? You […]

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ME, Myself and I

Throughout our lives, some of us if not the majority of us, rely on people in our lives to fill our need to feel loved, worthy and appreciated. We often don’t know or wasn’t ever taught that all our needs should be filled from deep inside of us not from other people or any external […]

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Don’t find yourself……..Create a New YOU!

After going through tough times in your life and through hard challenges especially if it all happened one after another… Trying to put the broken pieces of the image of you that you can hardly recognise anymore may not be the answer your looking for…. Restoration of relationships, a job you no longer feel fulfilled […]

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Dealing with Burnout: How Leaders Do It

In CEO coaching, dealing with burnout and stress are usually hot topics. And we’re here to have a little bit of a crash course. A lot of executives thrive on pressure. They wouldn’t be where they are now if they weren’t able to deal with it successfully. But let me ask you…at what price? While […]

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What Can BNM Provide You?


Establish a strong and decisive thinking pattern that is free of any self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that hinder your growth as an individual.



Evolve into the quintessential model of success and the veritable personification of what a true leader should be in every sense of the word.



Become the person you are destined to be with the right mindset, language, behaviours, and beliefs you need to truly succeed in life.


Let us show you how we can help you become a more effective leader and a more confident individual with a stronger mindset, thinking pattern, and decision-making skills.


What Our Clients Say

Brilliant New Mindset Executive Coaching has Changed my thinking and approach and helped me to go towards the right path in my business and helped me to achieve success in short span of time, All the strategies and techniques in the course are well organised and easy to follow, I was Shocked to see the results at the end of the Leadership course that I did!
Mira not only helped me in my professional achievements but also helped me in my personal life as well .
I highly recommend Mira as she is truly an outstanding Coach and Mentor.

Praveen Kumar, Founder and Director

I totally recommend Mira as a Life Coach. Her open and friendly personality and energy has you at ease from the start. She has a genuine caring nature and really gets to the core issues. Mira helped me gain Clarity of thought and gently guided me to find the solutions that I was looking for. I am incredibly Grateful.

Kel-anne Brandit, C.E.O

I’m one of those people who thinks they can handle anything and everything in life and don’t need anyone. Honestly, it can become very tiring – mentally and physically to do that . Reaching out to Mira was the best decision I made – She was the best listener , honest and tough . I love the fact that she doesn’t give you any answers – she helps you put things in perspective for your own self and see yourself in a new light – I came out of it much more energised , confident and at peace with myself – she’s amazing !!!

Anu Latchireddy, Operational Manager - Australian Bureau of Statistics