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What Do You Gain from BNM Mindset Coaching?

With BNM Mindset Coaching Programs, you will –

  • Uncover your inherent strengths and untapped potential and learn how to cultivate and harness them.
  • Know all your weaknesses, fears, and self-limiting beliefs and find out how to overcome them.
  • Examine how your mind works and make it work for you instead of against you.
  • See where you can adjust your thinking patterns and decision making so you can finally become the you that you have always been destined to be!

Let BNM be your go-to mindset coach in Australia, so you call achieve all these and so much more!


What Mindset Coaching Do We Offer?

BNM offers the most comprehensive leadership coaching that has helped a multitude of Australia’s top-level executives become effective leaders and more confident individuals with stronger mindsets, thinking patterns, and decision-making skills.

7 Steps to Re-Program Your Subconscious Mind To Create Success in Your Life!

In this 90-Minute Masterclass, you will discover how your thoughts and beliefs becomes your reality and how to re-program your mind to achieve Happiness, Wealth and Success in your life.


5 Steps to Reclaim Your Power, Set and Achieve Your Goals, and Create Your Dream Life!

In this 90-minute Masterclass, you will learn what is holding you back and program your Mind to achieve your goals quicker!


One-on-One Sessions

Empower your thinking with frameworks, models, and coaching tools. Take a deep dive inside your psyche to explore how, by changing your thinking pattern and creating a winning mindset, you can change your whole life and get great outcomes you desire in your personal and professional life!


Choose the mindset coaching that aligns with your goals and targets. Once you have made your choice, we can discuss it in greater detail, answer your questions, and address your concerns if there are any in a 30-minute complimentary consultation. Don’t worry though as there are no hidden costs or charges.


Why Choose BNM?

Work with a Certified Leadership Coach Trusted by Decent number of leaders, Top-level executives, & Professionals

You will be working with Mira Riad, an Accredited Master Practitioner of Coaching which is the elite level of coaching training and the highest standard currently available from The Coaching Institute (TCI) the largest and most successful school in Australia and New Zealand. Thus, you will be engaging a truly committed Master Coach who is dedicated to making a difference on a massive scale, dares to help you dream big, and is passionate about aiding you build a legacy with the highest level of excellence. Mira has done this for decent number of leaders, top-level executives, and professionals throughout Australia and this is why they trust her wholeheartedly to help them achieve true success in business, career, and life.

Gain The Results You Want with Tested-and-proven Tools, Strategies, & Methodologies

You will master your mindset so that you will be able to transform your life and others and create a world-class culture where engaged, highly motivated, and top-performing teams thrive. You can achieve exactly this through tested-and-proven research-based neuroscience and coaching tools, strategies, and methodologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Positive Psychology, and Meta Dynamics™ (The leading research-based methodology in the world). By leveraging these effective techniques and technologies, Mira has helped decent number of individuals and teams create a mission-based world-class culture with the right mindset, vision, and values.

Reconnect with Yourself, Reclaim Your Power, & Create Your Dream Life

You will gain an exclusive window into your potential to discover exactly what your thinking and leadership style is, what specific traits are holding you back, and which of your unique strengths will help propel you forward. Once you have learned about yourself, you will be able to impact your teams to further enhance your leadership and the performance of your company, maximise your strengths and unlock your full potential as a leader, empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you lead with precision and passion, create vibrant cultures that develop highly motivated and top-performer teams, and achieve success to create your dream life.


What Our Clients Say

Brilliant New Mindset Executive Coaching has Changed my thinking and approach and helped me to go towards the right path in my business and helped me to achieve success in short span of time, All the strategies and techniques in the course are well organised and easy to follow, I was Shocked to see the results at the end of the Leadership course that I did!
Mira not only helped me in my professional achievements but also helped me in my personal life as well .
I highly recommend Mira as she is truly an outstanding Coach and Mentor.

Praveen Kumar, Founder and Director

I totally recommend Mira as a Life Coach. Her open and friendly personality and energy has you at ease from the start. She has a genuine caring nature and really gets to the core issues. Mira helped me gain Clarity of thought and gently guided me to find the solutions that I was looking for. I am incredibly Grateful.

Kel-anne Brandit, C.E.O

I’m one of those people who thinks they can handle anything and everything in life and don’t need anyone. Honestly, it can become very tiring – mentally and physically to do that . Reaching out to Mira was the best decision I made – She was the best listener , honest and tough . I love the fact that she doesn’t give you any answers – she helps you put things in perspective for your own self and see yourself in a new light – I came out of it much more energised , confident and at peace with myself – she’s amazing !!!

Anu Latchireddy, Operational Manager - Australian Bureau of Statistics






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